Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility, Morshead Park

This project is new landmark regional soccer facility at Morshead Park in Ballarat which in 2015 the facility was selected from a national pool of soccer sports facilities to be part of the Asian Cup.The facility provides leading edge sporting and social facilities for elite level soccer with A level games played at the facility.

The facility includes a 2 star FIFA rated turf playing pitch, synthetic training ground, grand stand with 500 seated capacity, conference and catering facility for 200 people, external vieweing decks and players change rooms, media rooms, and sports administration facilities.

The facility as completed is part of a larger master plan for the transformation of the site into a stadium and the external feature screen wall contextualising the stockade wall: reflective of Ballarat’s rich cultural history.

The Stockade Wall enables for the facility to be built in sections with parts of the stockade being able to built in various stages.

The facility has been designed to enhance the spectator’s experience with the facility designed to bring the viewer closer to the playing pitch.

Additionally, the coach’s boxes have been sourced to be clear and see through with the grand stand elevated above the ground level to create a direct viewing line to the main even.

The building has also been designed so as to not create any overshadowing impact to the playing pitch and has been designed to maximise view lines across the grand stand and the interior function facility.

The internal function and catering facility is of important social and economic benefit to the club and community.

The new soccer stadium is a significant project for Ballarat City Council, the Region and the Sport and we are delighted to provide this elite sporting and community facility which can continue to expand with time.


Location – Ballarat, Victoria

Stage 1 – Construction Completed 2015

ESD initiatives – Building designed with natural ventilation incorporating thermal chimneys utilising the thermal stack effect, combined with passive underfloor heating and high level extraction to cool air in summer and provide warm fresh air in winter.

High level extended eaves to reduce heat load on the building, double glazing throughout and higher levels than base requirements for insulation for building fabric.

Extensive use of Timber as a Carbon sink with the timber being sourced by recycling timber. Locally sourced materials and the building designed to be locally manufactured and achieves approx. 80% local content outcomes.

Building designed with low energy light fittings, low VOC paint, durable finishes for lower maintenance and longevity, carpet with 40% recycled content and certified cradle to cradle 100% recyclable with an adhesive minimisation installation system.

Grand stand seating made of recycled plastic & timber, shading to external glazing and the grand stand has been manufactured using off the shelf pre-built concrete construction planks.

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