Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility, Morshead Park

Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility is a new landmark regional soccer facility at Morshead Park, Ballarat. It provides leading edge sporting and social facilities for elite level soccer and A level games. Earlier this year Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility was selected from a national pool of soccer sports facilities to host the Asian Cup.

The facility makes up the first section of a larger master plan for the transformation of the site into a stadium.

The facility has been designed to enhance the spectator’s experience and bring the viewer closer to the playing pitch.

Additionally, the coach’s boxes are transparent with the grand stand elevated above the ground level to create a direct viewing line to the main event. The internal function and catering facility has important social and economic benefits to the club and broader community.

The facility includes a two star FIFA rated turf playing pitch, synthetic training ground, grand stand with 500 seated capacity, conference and catering facility for 200 people, external viewing decks and players change rooms, media rooms, and sports administration facilities.

The Stockade wall enabled the facility to be built in sections and is reflective of Ballarat’s rich cultural history.

The building was designed to ensure there was no overshadowing impact to the playing pitch and to maximise view lines across the grand stand and the interior function facility.


Location – Ballarat, Victoria

Stage 1 – Construction Completed 2015

ESD initiatives – Passive solar design features include high level extended eaves to reduce heat load on the building, double glazing throughout and high levels of insulation.

Natural ventilation incorporates thermal chimneys providing stack effect cooling, and mixed mode heating & cooling through the underfloor air-plenum.

The use of timber assists with carbon sequestration and this project also sourced recycled and local timber. This meant reducing the carbon footprint of the project.

Locally sourced and manufactured materials and components achieve approximately 80% local content outcomes.

Environmentally preferred materials and fittings include low energy light fittings, low VOC paint, durable finishes for lower maintenance and longevity, carpet with 40% recycled content and certified cradle to cradle 100% recyclable with an adhesive minimisation installation system.

The grand stand seating is made of recycled plastic and the timber is used for shading to external glazing. The grand stand was manufactured using off the shelf pre-built concrete construction planks.


At k20 Architecture we look at bringing life to architecture- beyond the physical form. We want a space to resonate in a unique way for each individual. By listening and understanding what our Client’s are looking for we are able to create spaces that are memorable as well as sustainable and innovative.

People In our Architecture:

Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility was developed for the City of Ballarat and is an Association football-specific stadium in Redan, a suburb immediately to the south of central Ballarat.

It is the home of the Ballarat Red Devils, who play in the National Premier Leagues Victoria.

Earlier this year Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility was selected from a national pool of soccer sports facilities as the training ground for Bahrain during the 2014 Asian Cup.

The facility makes up the first section of a larger master plan for the transformation of the site into a stadium.

The history of the Ballarat Red Devils dates back to 1967, since then they have established themselves in the second division of the National Premier League.

Ballarat Red Devils President Tony Spurgo believes the new Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility fits perfectly with the perception of the club.

“The facility looks great and all of the teams who travel from Melbourne comment on how lucky we are to have such a high level facility,” Tony said.

“It really is a sight to see the whole facility on a sunny day.

“The interior resembles the exterior of a soccer ball and I always hear people commenting on this detail.

“In regional Victoria the facility has become an iconic building and will help set the pathway for future design in the surrounding areas.”

Designed to drain with the utmost efficiency- 100 Millilitres of rain in 30 minutes, Tony said the playing pitch is one of the highlights of the new facility.

“It is perfectly flat and designed to the highest specifications,” he said.

“The City of Ballarat have done a great job of maintaining the playing pitch and even have a specific mower they use.”

Two weeks prior to the 2014 Asian Cup, Bahrain soccer team arrived and based themselves 15 minutes outside of Ballarat.

They trained at Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility twice a day during that time and Tony said they were extremely impressed with the facility.

“They loved the facility and playing pitch and said they could not compare it to others they had previously trained at,” Tony said.

“Since they returned home I have discovered that they have continued to praise the club oversees and if they were to ever return to Melbourne I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked to train here again.”

More recently Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility has acted as the training ground for Melbourne Victory FC and Melbourne City FC.

If the master plan to increase the seating capacity of the stadium from 500 to 10,000 were take-off, Tony said it would mean even greater awareness of Regional Victoria and the Ballarat Red Devils.

“If the extension were to happen this would mean we would be able to attract an even larger crowd to the area,” Tony said.

“In the near future we are hoping to have the lights upgraded so that we can broadcast our games on Foxtel and SBS.

“The dream would be to see the Socceroos train here one day.”

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