Eternity Apartments - West Footscray

Eternity, at 110 Roberts Street, West Footscray, is a new paradigm for apartment living. It was conceived and designed by us, and takes its inspiration from the trees surrounding the site, particularly those lining Stony Creek, and will provide a sanctuary in the heart of a highly urbanised environment.


Eternity merges the internal with the external, a combination of the built and the natural, that uses gardens, decks and flowing architecture to create a highly connected place. The 3,405sqm building will incorporate 61 apartments, all considerably larger than normal, in five warehouse-like elements, constructed from timber, each with four levels, linked by a pedestrian boardwalk, elevated and widened in parts to encourage places for people to gather or simply to reflect in the restored natural environment.

The stylised warehouse roof and timber finishes, echo the industrial heritage of the region. The exterior will be softened by durable and sustainably sourced timber finishes on the façade that shield the building from harsh western sun in summer and insulate during winter. The parkland surround will enable recreation and social connectedness. Between the buildings and Stony Creek, on the south side of the buildings, the parkland has been revegetated with indigenous species, a process that will continue over the next ten years, eventually replacing the 70 year old willows that currently line the creek, and returning the landscape to its natural state.

The development will also include a northern parkland setting, a northern deck with vegetable boxes for residents and a large communal roof top garden deck. The building will incorporate passive environmental design principles such as solar power and hot water, individual metering and rainwater harvesting, all of which help to lower operating costs. Materials will include a high level of recycled content.

Local suppliers will be used wherever possible to reduce the carbon miles of the construction. External finishes will be designed for low maintenance, and selected for quality, durability and longevity. At least 80% of the construction is to be sourced from local suppliers, generating direct and indirect employment for hundreds of people.