West Footscray based metal artist Sean Diamond approached k20 Architecture in early 2017 with an idea to re purpose old shipping containers into the local Melbourne environment.

k20 Architecture took a chance and decided to incorporate this concept for the display suites to front k20’s upcoming Eternity Apartments project in West Footscray.

k20 Architecture have a Local Sustainability Policy (LSP) which is integral to the practice’s design approach, with an aim to design projects with 80% locally sourced materials and labour. All materials incorporated in the Eternity design suit were sourced locally, with the timber that is used for the decking coming from an old home in Collingwood, and the cladding coming from the local Bradmill factory. The shipping container itself is over 15 years old and is still transportable, providing for future re-use.

‘’It’s all recycled, and can be recycled again!’’ says Sean Diamond.

In true artist fashion, even when the container was subject to overnight graffiti Sean decided not to paint over the graffiti and instead chose to embrace the artistic element provided by locals as ‘it gave a nice touch’.

Since working on the display suite Sean has been approached by a number of locals, interested in making the upgrade from their older outdated places into something new and modern.

‘’Locals know me and they are sharing their excitement for the new project. I have had comments from members of the pubic saying they would love to move into the new apartments because they look new and fresh,” Sean said. 

“I really like the design of Eternity, it looks amazing! There is a real synchronisation of the timber panels in both the display suite and Eternity Apartments. I love timber and I am really into it.”

Stoney Creek runs along what will be the southern boundary of Eternity apartments and directly abutting its western edge is an open reserve and to the east is Bassett Reserve.

Uniquely Stoney Creek was incorporated in the design of Eternity as the Architects made the decision to set the building back from the banks. 

‘’This decision has been greatly appreciated to preserve the fantastic little oasis for the community,” says Sean. 

‘‘It’s a nice creek and we should be able to see and access it from the apartments’’.

As for Sean, since starting his endeavour of designing the display suits for k20’s eternity apartments, he has had multiple enquires about shipping containers and is looking forward to continuing his passion in sustainability and repurposing old shipping containers.