Smythesdale Wellbeing Hub

Completed in 2016, the Wellbeing Hub at Smythesdale, 20 kilometres south-west of Ballarat, is an extension to the existing Smythesdale Centre and includes new community and consulting rooms, a staff room, and accommodation for new maternal child health service and a medical centre. The design allows for multipurpose use and long-term flexibility.


Smythesdale was one of many small settlements established during the gold rush, and that historical significance is reflected in the design. The entry façade to Smythesdale project incorporates crossed timber beams representing the slats of sluices used to separate gold from lighter rocks and sand.

All material used in the project was considered for its durability, fit for purpose properties and sustainability, and included recycled material linings, recycled timber taken from a demolished warehouse, viro crete with reduced cement, external cladding made from magnesium oxide board minimising the carbon dioxide production footprint, 6 star rated low energy toilets fixtures and fittings and timed lighting to minimise energy use.

The facility was designed to allow natural ventilation during hot periods, and oriented to allow for solar panels. Roof runoff is collected to flush the toilets.