Williamstown Town Hall

This project involves the restoration and conservation over several stages of the 1918 Williamstown Town Hall. The first stage rebuilding the deteriorated roof, electrical rewiring and new mechanical services throughout. Successful coordination of the project protected the building from further water damage during construction works.


The second stage was the restoration of the interior’s ornate ceilings, timber panelling, original floor and wall tiling, and upgrading in line with BCA and DDA requirements while respecting the heritage status of the building. The third stage involved roof repair and upgrade. All tiles and roof battens were replaced, parapets and thermal chimney were restored.

The final stage included electrical, mechanical audit and ESD assessment, and a complete electrical upgrade including full re-wire and upgrade of exit lights to LED for low maintenance and energy efficiency. Pendent light fittings were connected to a winch system to enable lowering for maintenance to improve OH&S. The conservation works will extend the life of the building, enabling it to adapt to the demands of the community, while retaining the integrity the original construction. An integrated fire protection system involving sprinklers and VESDA has been installed. High performance insulation was fitted to the roof and ceiling, achieving an overall rating in excess of R8.0.

A displacement air circulation system was implemented, along with zoning of individual air conditioning systems, motion sensors and programmable light switches, energy efficient hot water with rainwater collection and reuse, 6 star sanitary ware. Restoration work included sourcing, salvage and reuse of heritage features, low VOC paints and new EO joinery. 80% of waste during construction was recycled.