Founded in 1890 Holm Park Football Facility is one of the largest football and netball leagues in Victoria. In 2013 the new football facility (originally split over two separate grounds) was completed.

The new facility provides for football, netball and cricket and catered to over 2,000 people recently when Richmond Football Club used the facility as their training ground.

For the past 15 years Holm Park Football club members worked effortlessly in their hopes of seeing Holm Park Football Club’s facilities upgraded and situated in the one location. 

Beaconsfield Football Club President Gary Valentine said the facility design was completed after the completion of the oval grounds.

Working within a tight budget, Gary said k20 Architecture listened and were able to work effectively to ensure the facility achieved the desired outcome.

“k20 Architecture were able to bring the cost down, while at the same time creating an innovative and aesthetically pleasing design.”

“The facility has four change rooms, two umpire rooms to service both grounds, two canteens, two store rooms, a cool room, community room (public use through Council), office, public toilets and a trainer’s room.

“We were able to work with k20 Architecture to achieve the best outcome for the money that we had.”

A main requirement for many club members was a step down verandah (direct line of sight to the game) and slanted windows. 

Gary said he stated to k20 Architecture the importance of these features in the new facility, and was very happy when these were approved. 

Gary said the feedback from the community has been extremely positive.

“I have seen and heard of many past players of the club returning because they have heard about the new facilities,”

“Traditionally football has been thought of as a bit of a ‘boys club’ however this new facility caters for everyone.

“The new community facility upstairs allows for those who wish to relax and have a chat while the game is on.”

During the football season Gary said the facilities community venue is open for meals on training nights.

“Since the new facility was completed we have been busier than ever on training nights.”

“Members who once only came on a Saturday are now bringing their families on Thursday nights as well.”

“From now on when the football season finishes we will be continuing these club meal nights, as well as adding a Friday night.”
With the football field’s cricket pitch recently removed, this makes Holm Park Football Facility the only venue in the region that is football specific. 

Holm Park Football Facility are now hoping to enter in to a partnership with VFL and U/18TAC.