Trinity Apartments is located within 8km of the city and within easy distance of public transport. The building overlooks Stoney Creek Reserve by John Patrick Landscape Architect and creates a pleasant walking trail away from the hustle and bustle of the main road. 

Thuy and her daughter Madelyn moved in to the apartment over a year ago after seeing the apartment block advertised online. 

“I was one of the first to move in to Trinity Apartments and I was very impressed with the building,” Thuy said.

“What I saw advertised on was exactly what we saw before us.”

New to the Footscray area, Thuy said she has enjoyed the number of cafes and parks the location has to offer for herself and Madelyn.

Trinity Apartments proves a very convenient location, taking Thuy 25 minutes to reach the city, 15 minutes to Madelyn’s school and 25 minutes to work. 

“Not only are we well situated but the apartment is very funky,” she said.

“The Trinity symbol is embedded in the building as well as in the main box at the front, creating a lovely look.”

Since their arrival Thuy and Madelyn have been regular visitors at Stoney Creek Reserve.

“We like to go to the reserve on the weekends for a walk,” Thuy said.

“It is nice to have nature on your doorstep, especially so near the city.”

Thuy said the sun never fails to come in through the glass windows over the balcony each morning.

“We use the balcony frequently and we cannot believe how much space it provides,” she said.

“We have access to it from each room and every time friends or family come over it is the first thing they comment on.

“We have really enjoyed our time here and we are hoping to stay for as long as possible.”