Completed in 2014, Hindmarsh Shire Council Facility provides corporate offices and Civic Centre, accommodating 70 staff with expansion capability for up to 100.

Chief Executive Officer, Hindmarsh Shire Council Tony Doyle was involved with the second half of construction and said there is a significant difference between the Council’s old and new facilities in terms of design, comfort and sustainability.  

“The building we previously worked in was very cramped and had a lack of meeting rooms,” CEO Tony Doyle said.

“The new facility has been designed by k20 Architecture on an open plan lay out which makes it a multi-use facility.

“There is a lot more storage within the new facility which allows for a cleaner and more efficient and organised office.

“Hindmarsh Shire Council Offices has a welcoming appearance and everyone likes the openness of this new facility, as you always know where to find someone.

“The facility not only runs efficiently but it looks great and I think the general public are really happy to have such a facility in the community.

With ESD principles at the core of the building’s design intent, a number of innovations were utilised to deliver an outcome that would not only minimise embodied energy and energy loadings within the building, but also reduce carbon output for the life of the project and provide an enhanced internal environment for its inhabitants. 

Although double the size of the building it replaces, the facility uses 60 per cent less electricity.

CEO Tony Doyle says the facility delivers a sense of pride to those who live in the community as well as setting a precedence for future sustainable design in the surrounding areas. 

“The new facility encapsulates what our community is about in terms of innovation, modernisation and sustainability,” CEO Tony Doyle said.

“The highest standard in sustainable design initiatives was applied into this facility.

“We have found that even in the extreme climate that we face out here in Nhill the facility controls the extreme heat and cold with little or no heating or cooling. 

CEO Tony Doyle said on behalf of the Hindmarsh Shire Community he looks forward to seeing this new facility provide for the community for many years to come.